Exploring the Hidden Gems of the Caribbean on a Cruise

Exploring the hidden gems of the Caribbean on a cruise

Caribbean islands offer an abundance of breathtaking sights, from the picturesque and historic to the tropically idyllic. No matter if you’re searching for a romantic vacation or family fun-filled adventure, a Caribbean cruise has something special waiting for you.

Making the most of your Caribbean cruise is to plan ahead and book all your needs and wants in advance. Doing this will save time, stress and money in the long run.


Cruises offer the ideal way to discover the many islands of the Caribbean. Search cruise itineraries online now and start planning your next vacation!

Dominica, otherwise known as The Nature Island, offers an abundance of stunning natural features and exciting eco-adventures. From waterfalls to bubbling sulphur springs, this Caribbean gem will surely leave you in awe.

On the southeastern shoreline of this small but mighty island, you’ll find some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. Mero Beach stands out as a hidden gem that provides a tranquil haven to unwind with a cocktail in hand.

Roseau, the capital city, offers a range of restaurants offering local Caribbean cuisine as well as European fare. Try Keepin’ It Real on Toucari Beach or Great Old House in Roseau’s French Quarter for some fiery citrus tamarind jerk pork.


Travelers who love to explore new places on vacation should check out a Caribbean cruise. Aruba offers stunning beaches, exciting culture and world-class cuisine in one amazing package.

Attractions such as the Natural Pool are a popular beach destination where crystal clear waters cascade over a rock formation and invite swimmers back for more. Aside from swimming and snorkeling at this stunning coastal oasis, visitors can also explore Boca Prins National Park nearby.

Aruba’s Butterfly Farm is an amazing sanctuary where visitors can admire hundreds of vibrant butterflies fluttering around. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn more about these captivating creatures, but you also get the chance to take some stunning photos!

Animal lovers in Aruba will find many shelters to help stray animals. You can show your support by donating supplies, volunteering at these facilities or adopting a cat or dog from one of these shelters.

St. Martin

Saint Martin is one of the Caribbean’s top cruise destinations, boasting a vibrant cultural mix that blends French, Dutch and African traditions. Divided between Saint-Martin in France and Sint Maarten in the Netherlands, it offers both bustling resort beaches as well as serene coves renowned for their beauty.

On your cruise to Tintamarre Island, escape the tourist crowds and bustle of this island’s popular beaches. On Tintamarre Island you’ll discover a dry land of scrub that rises above the waves – except for one historic cotton plantation from centuries ago!

La Toc is also home to a protected nature reserve where you can swim in the shallow waters of Blanche Bay and coral gardens. Here, you may spot parrotfish and other sea creatures as you experience the Caribbean’s natural splendor up close. It’s an ideal spot for snorkelers and divers alike to get an authentic taste of its stunning wildlife.

St. Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy is a picturesque French-speaking island that attracts high-end travelers and celebrities with its exquisite beaches, gourmet dining establishments, and designer shopping. Due to its small size and tranquil atmosphere, Saint Barthelemy makes for the ideal Caribbean vacation experience.

Gustavia, the capital, surrounds a yacht-filled harbor and offers high-end restaurants and museums celebrating the island’s Swedish colonial heritage. Additionally, there are charming secluded beaches throughout St.Barth’s coastline as well as InterOceans Museum in Corossol where visitors can learn about underwater creatures that live beneath its coral reefs and sand banks.

If you’re on a budget, the best time to visit the island is early spring (March or April), when rates are lower and many of the crowds from winter have gone. Summer (July or August) also makes for pleasant weather and fewer tourists at the beaches.