Best Time to Take a Cruise Around Australia and New Zealand

The best time of year to take a cruise around Australia and New Zealand

Australia is a popular cruise destination, boasting sun-kissed beaches, warm weather and festivals. But when is the best time to visit?

The peak period for cruise bookings is October to April, also known as “Wave Season.” During this time you’ll find the widest selection of ships and itineraries available; however, be aware that weather can be humid so make sure you consult your travel agent before making a reservation.


When planning a cruise around Australia and New Zealand, Springtime is the ideal time to do so. Temperatures are comfortable enough to enjoy leisurely walks on the beach while visiting iconic landmarks.

Enjoy stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef, take a leisurely walk along beaches adorned with surfers and visit Brisbane – its capital city.

At this time of year, New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park is at its most stunning. It’s an idyllic spot for trekking, kayaking or walking through waterfalls and steep cliffs.

For a truly immersive land program before or after your cruise, consider this multi-day land tour package: exclusive tours, premium hotel stays, airport transfers on arrival and departure days, as well as locally inspired meals and porterage.


Traveling around Australia and New Zealand during summer, otherwise known as “Wave Season,” is the best time to cruise. This period offers incredible beaches, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, or world-class scuba diving in Port Douglas.

At this time of year, temperatures are usually pleasant and you won’t encounter many rainstorms or typhoons. However, be mindful that Australia’s cyclone season begins November 1 and ends April 30; therefore, being flexible with your cruise itinerary to accommodate for potential changes due to severe weather is highly recommended.

For a romantic getaway, Australia and New Zealand are ideal. The Southern Hemisphere’s spring and fall months of October and November, as well as March and April, provide near-perfect weather conditions while minimizing crowds.


When sailing around Australia and New Zealand, the ideal time to cruise is during the fall months – October and November or March and April. These months represent the Southern Hemisphere’s spring and fall, offering ideal weather conditions to explore all these destinations in greater depth, from desert landscapes to fjords and the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s an ideal time to visit Sydney and Melbourne, renowned for their stunning architecture and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss out on experiencing the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, grab a surfboard or boogie board, and explore this vibrant city’s vibrant pub culture.

Autumn in Australia and New Zealand is a truly spectacular time of year, as the leaves begin to change colors and fall off trees. While you’ll find stunning displays throughout Victoria, Tasmania, Rotorua, Marlborough and Auckland, autumnal foliage can also be enjoyed on inland locations like Rotorua.


If you prefer the warmth and sunshine of a cruise around Australia and New Zealand, Winter (June to August) is the best time for it. Tropical North Queensland still enjoys warm temperatures in Sydney (52degF to 77degF/12degC to 25degC), while Melbourne and Tasmania tend to be just a few degrees warmer.

Visit Australia in winter and you’ll have perfect weather – ideal for exploring Australia’s beaches, Melbourne’s outdoor coffee culture or Tasmania’s natural hiking trails and beautiful blooms!

Save money during these times of year. The shoulder seasons, which run from September to November and March to May, offer plenty of great deals to be discovered.