An Overview of Themed Cruises

An overview of themed cruises and what to expect from them

From food and wine to sports, music, movies and more, themed cruises bring together like-minded travelers with a shared passion for something.

These cruises bring people from around the globe together to celebrate a special hobby or interest. Themed cruises provide an excellent opportunity to connect with new people and explore a different destination.


Music cruises offer the perfect way to combine your passion for music with a relaxing vacation on the sea. Most ships typically host various concerts and events featuring popular artists and bands that you know and love.

There are plenty of themed cruises where you can celebrate a particular genre of music, such as 60s and 70s rock, 80s dance hits or 90s funk and soul tunes.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers music and festival cruises throughout the year, featuring legendary artists like KISS, The Beach Boys and DJ Khaled as the featured entertainment. These voyages guarantee an unforgettable experience for guests!


On a variety of cruise lines, you can find sports cruises to your favorite sport. These usually offer plenty of activities and events themed around your favorite activity.

Sports-themed dinners and Q&As with sports legends are often part of these events, as well as clinics and lessons led by top coaches.

Sports-themed cruises are popular with both couples and families. Some even feature a separate children’s area where kids can participate in activities related to their favorite team or sport.

Ships offer a selection of sports bars where passengers can watch some of the world’s top matches while relaxing. Norwegian Cruise Line, for instance, boasts an expansive sports bar featuring multiple TV screens tuned to different events around the world.

Food & Wine

Themed cruises offer a range of food and wine experiences that can be tailored to suit your preferences. Many are all-inclusive, however some lines charge extra for excursions or restaurants.

Regent Seven Seas’ Signature restaurant on their Six-star level ships is one such example. Here, their chefs use local ingredients and craftsman to make these culinary experiences truly exceptional.

Holland America Line also collaborates with esteemed culinary publications and media to offer special cooking classes onboard, often led by celebrity chefs.

Movies & TV

Themed cruises offer an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with other passengers onboard. Their welcoming atmosphere creates a conducive environment that fosters lasting connections and friendships.

Onboard these cruises, guests can enjoy an array of movies and TV shows. Whether it’s classic flicks, recent releases or family-friendly offerings, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Fans of certain shows can even enjoy themed cruises tailored specifically for them. If you love Master Chef, there are cruises featuring their characters or AMC’s Walking Dead fans can meet the stars and attend themed parties featuring various characters.

Art & Culture

An art and culture cruise is the ideal way to express yourself creatively while on vacation. These cruises also provide you with the unique chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

Arts and culture-themed cruises are available across numerous destinations, such as Europe, Mexico, Australia, Alaska and beyond. Expert guidance and onboard programs offer a deeper appreciation of the works you see and their connection to their environment.

Crafters will find plenty of partial-ship themed cruises offering classes and workshops in various handicrafts, such as beading, handspinning, crocheting and knitting. These activities provide a great way to relieve stress, relax and create beautiful souvenirs to take home from your trip.


On themed cruises, kids have an array of enjoyable activities to choose from. From expansive water parks to bowling lanes, these ships provide plenty of family-friendly entertainment and activities.

Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line’s larger ships offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family, while some smaller-scale cruise lines provide a more relaxed vibe.

NCL offers a guppies program for infants aged 6 months to 3 years old as well as an evening supervised group babysitting service. Furthermore, there are kids-only activities like breakfast with Nickelodeon characters.